La Collita was a small tenant's house inside the property. After spending 40 years uninhabited, in 1982 we began step by step, to restore it and to equip it so that it could become a touristic development to compliment agriculture.

Today we can offer our guests a house with lots of space, comfort and where the hustle and stress from the bustling cities, have been transformed into peace and quietness.
The layout of the house is on three floors. The entrance to the house has a rustic appearance, a small, cosy living-room a good place to pass time with board games, watch television or read a good book. Opposite a large dining-room with fireplace equipped with music and air-conditioning, from here it's possible to go directly to the kitchen. On the first floor we must mention a 60m2 carpeted room for activities. From this room it's also possible to go to meeting-room. The 8 rooms are on the top floor and have their own bathrooms, are large and have lots of light.


ining-room with fireplace

                                        Living room

Swimming pool

La Collita is a typical large Catalan house isolated and with a lot of space. This fact has allowed us to compliment the house with sport and leisure installations around it. There is a swimming pool, tennis court and a lit mini-golf course, table-tennis, play pool, a small park for children, and a flat area where you can play football, volleyball or basketball.

Small museum

At the house we also have a small farm with animals and a small agricultural museum. There is also an old, curious restored well with a treadmill..

he farm

The restored welt



Walking around the property and near the house, you can see the remains of Iberian villages, an old bread oven, a wine well carved out of the rock, an old bridleway that has seen the passing of people during many centuries, and a cave of some 20 metres.

La Collita
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