-Passejada caminada de la roca endimoniada
-Caminada Camí Ral o Reial i ramader
-Caminada Vestigis Romans
-Caminada a Vallferosa per la vall
-Caminada-passejada dels oficis antics


The tower of Vallferosa,- route of the border lands

Dolmen at Pera- route of the dolmens


La Collita is a farmhouse in the middle of Catalonia, in a woody and absolutely quiet spot. Its situation is privileged being only a little over an hour from Barcelona, Andorra, the Pyrenees or the beach. Specially for those people who do not want to go too far from home, at La Collita we put at your disposal a lot of information for you to be able to visit unknown places on foot, by bicycle or by car. We single out the Vallferosa tower 33 metres high from the reconquering times and the best that exists. You can also visit Medieval villages, castles, dolmens, Romanesque churches, museums, (agricultural, knives, architectural, art) streams, fountains, reservoirs and an infinite number of quiet magnificent natural spots.

For those who like to participate in festivals and traditions, we recommend Solsona's and TorÓ's 
carnival, (in February) the life of Jesus play, a witches festival in Cervera, the Christmas nativity scenes in Sant Guim de la Plana and in ArdŔvol, the Roman market in Guissona, numerous agricultural theatrical, antique or artisan fares, or simply the weekly market or the main festival of the neighbouring villages that will make you participate in their life.

Carnaval of  Solsona

Castle of Les Sitges- Route of the castles

Cal Tristany - route of the carlins

 Fonts del Cardener - Sant Ponš reservoir - Quiet and warm spots
The stays in La Collita are quiet and enjoyable in a simple family environment. Together with some cultural elements promise to make an enjoyable stay.

El pont del Clop at Ribera Salada 

Pre-Romanesque crypt in Olius

Baroque altar piece in El Miracle

Montfalcˇ Murallat - route of the Medieval villages

Ski at Port del Comte

La Collita
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